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1. PC and User Peripheral Service

  • Assisting users with hardware & software specifications and acquisition guidance
  • Installation, configuration and support of personal computers,
  • software and user peripherals (hardware, Operating System, drivers, and standard applications)
  • Configuration for access of network services (anti-virus, Operating System updates)
  • Internet, emai, Management Information Systems
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

2. Network Support Service

It is the mandate of ICT Center to ensure that the necessary ICT infrastructure is developed and extended to all campuses where the university has a presence. To accomplish this mandate, the center through the user support section receives the requests, conducts site surveys, prepares necessary technical specifications, and determines the scope of such projects and implements as required.

In line with this mandate, the section largely deals with:-

  • Conducting site surveys and preparation of campus sites for network extensions
  • Preparing technical specifications
  • Assisting users in requirements; specifications; and material acquisition
  • Implementation, monitoring, and integrating to the larger network infrastructure

3. ICT User Training Service

Most functional processes of the university are computerized. In order to ensure proper utilization and exploitation of the available information systems, training is necessary to ensure maximum and efficient exploitation of such resources. Well-trained users reduce the necessity of frequent support as they make better and proper use of available ICT resources. It is mandatory for all University staff and students to acquire basic ICT skills. To this end, the user support section deals with:

  • Carrying out skills assessment surveys to determine user skills requirements and areas of inadequacies
  • Providing continuous surveys to identify ICT user skills requirements and inadequacies (numbers and areas)
  • Developing training curriculum and course materials
  • Carry out training; examine & test trainees; and award standardized certification where necessary.

4. ICT Preventive & Maintenance Services

In liaison with ICT Hardware Maintenance unit, User support section ensures that all ICT related equipment are working reliably as expected. This is done to ensure that ICT equipment is well maintained and repaired in good time. User support section provides first level support to resolve any problem or escalates to base station if the problem is not resolved. Issues related to warranty or those that require more specialized skills are escalated to the ICT maintenance unit. The supportable categories of equipment include desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners, LCD projectors and network equipment.

More specifically, the following services are provided:

a) Genneral Preventive & maintenance service

  • Preparing schedule and carrying out annual preventive maintenance service for all ICT related equipment
  • Enforcing related University ICT policies and standards
  • Providing technical advice to users on ICT hardware related matters
  • Acquisition of tools for maintenance and user support services

b) Students Information

  • Availability of Computer Labs
  • Student Internship programmes
  • Community information
  • Training on basic computer skills
  • IT related Consultancy services


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Postal Address:
    P. O. Box 29053, - 00625
       a) Principal's Office
            020- 3592734/5/6/7/8/9
       b) Dean, FoVM

            020 - 2181370

       c)Dean, FoA

            020 - 2181354

    0717 542186, 

    0731 603475

Physical Location:

     Off Kapenguria Road, 14 kms. to the Northwest of Nairobi




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