Dr. Kenneth Mbai Publications
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22006Preliminary Observations On The Fertility Of Zero-grazed Animals Following Hormone Treatment And Fixed Time Artificial Inseminations
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32005Mbai, K. (2005) Improving Camel Production In Kenya Through Improvement Of Camel Reproductive Efficiency.
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92001Mbai, K, Krause, A-K., Munyua, S.J.M. And Von Der Ohe, W. (2001). Improving The Livelihoods Of The Rural Poor In Kenya: A Case Study In The Provision Of Milk, Meat And Income From Dairy Goats In Central Kenya II : Dairy Goat Health, Reproductive And Econo
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102001S.J.M. Munyua, S.J., Okeyo, M. And Mbai, K. (2001). Livestock Marketing In Pastoral Areas In The Face Of The Broad Government Policy Of Liberalization And Privatization And Prevailing Production Constraints: The Need To Re-orient Prevailing Livestock Mark
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201993Munyua, S.J.M. And Mbai, K.(1993). Efficacy Of Baytril(R) 10% Injectable In The Treatment Of Piglet Scouring And Pneumonia.
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