Dr. Dr. Marenya Paswel Phiri Publications
19999Why Do Many Smallholder Farmers Fail To Adopt Improved Land Management Practices Which Can Improve Yields And Incomes? The Reason Is Not Always Because These Practices Are Uneconomical But Sometimes It Is Because Resource Poverty Prevents Farmers From Tak
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22012Which Policy Would Work Better For Improved Soil Fertility Management In Sub-Saharan Africa, Fertilizer Subsidies Or Carbon Credits?
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32012The Role Of Dynamic Learning Games In Improving Survey Information From Subsistence Farmers: Evidence From Malawi
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42012Subsistence Farmer Preferences For Alternative Incentive Policies To Encourage The Adoption Of Conservation Agriculture In Malawi: A Choice Elicitation Approach
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52011Land Under Pressure.
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62009State-conditional Fertilizer Yield Response On Western Kenyan Farms
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72009Soil Quality And Fertilizer Use Rates Among Smallholder Farmers In Western Kenya
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82009The Effect Of Soil Quality On Fertilizer Use Rates Among Smallholder Farmers In Western Kenya
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92008Three Essays On The Effect Of Ex-Ante Soil Fertility On Smallholder Fertilizer Use Behavior
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102008Farmers’ Perceptions Of Soil Fertility And Fertilizer Yield Response In Kenya
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112007State-conditional Fertilizer Yield Response: Towards An Explanation Of Soil Degradation Poverty Traps
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122006Welfare Dynamics In Rural Kenya And Madagascar
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132006Access To Land, Income Diversification And Poverty Reduction In Rural Kenya
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142006Long-Term Human And Biophysical Dynamics Of Soil Degradation In The Kenyan Highlands.
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152005Socio-economic Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Natural Resource Management Practices Among Smallholder Farmers In Western Kenya
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162005Poverty Dynamics In Rural Kenya
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172004The Interplay Between Smallholder Farmers And Fragile Tropical Agroecosystems In The Kenyan Highlands
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182004Indices And Manifestations Of Poverty: Informing Anti-poverty Policy Choices
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192004Shaping The Future Of African Agriculture For Development: The Role Of Social Scientists
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202003Education, Nonfarm Income, And Farm Investment In Land-scarce Western Kenya
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212003Rural Transport Services Project For Kenya. Development In Smallholder Agricultural Sector: Possibilities For Development And Policy Interventions: A Preliminary Consultancy Report
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222001The Factors Influencing The Adoption And Economics Of Crop Management Technologies
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232001Soil Fertility Management In Maize-based Production Systems In Kenya: Current Options And Future Strategies
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242001Factors Influencing The Economics And Adoption Of Crop Management Techniques Among Smallholder Maize Farmers In Kenya: Lessons For Research And Extension Efforts”
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252000MSc. Thesis Study Entitled: The Socio Economic Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Crop Management Technologies Among Smallholder Maize Farmers
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