Dr. Caleb O Bwanga Publications
12000Mogoa E.G.M., Omiti J.M., Tsuma V.T., Bwanga C.O; Some Constraints And Opportunities In The Privatization Of Animal Breeding Services In Kenya
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21998Wabacha J.K., G.K. Gitau, L.C. Bebora, C.O. Bwanga, Z.M. Wamuri And P.M.F. Mbithi: Occurrence Of Dermatomycosis (ringworm) Due To Trichophyton Verrucosum In Dairy Calves And Its Spread To Animal Attendants.Journal Of The South African Veterinary Associati
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31997Bwanga, C.O.: Management Of Fertility Problems In Village Herds Of Cattle In Kenya.
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41997Wakhungu J.W. And Bwanga, C.O.; And Kipleel D.B. Strictures On The Choice Criteria Of Dairy Cattle Breeds In Smallholder Farms In Kenya. Contract Research Report To USAID-ARF-KARI, Nairobi, Kenya.
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51995J.W. Wakhungu And Bwanga, C.O. Preweaning Mortality Of Dairy Cattle On Smallholdings In Western Kenya.
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61993Bwanga, C.O. Articial Insemination In Pigs.
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71992Bwanga, C.O.; Hofino, P.O.; Grevle I.S., Einarsson S. & H. Rodriguez- Martinez Viability And Fertility Of Deep-frozen Boar Semen Packaged In Plastic Bags.
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81991Bwanga, C.O.; (1991): Cryopreservation Of Boar Semen: 1. A Literature Review. Acta Vet. Scand. 32, 431-453.
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91991Bwanga, C.O.; Einarsson S.; Rodriguez-Martinez H.Cryopreservation Of Boar Semen: II. Effect Of Cooling Rate And Duration Of Freezing Point Plateau In Boar Semen Frozen In Mini -, Maxi-straws And Plastic Bags. Acta Vet. Scand. 32, 455-461.
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101991Bwanga, C.O.; Hofino P.O.; Grevle, I.S. Einarsson S. & H. Rodriguez- Martinez H : In Vivo Fertilizing Capacity Of Deep-frozen Boar Semen Packaged In Plastic Bags And Maxi-straws. J. Vet. Med. A38, 281-286.
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111991Bwanga, C.O.; Einarsson S.; Rodriguez
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121990Bwanga, C.O.; De Bragnaca M.M.; Einarsson S.; Rodriguez
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131990Bwanga, C.O.; Cyropreservation Of Boar Semen: Studies On Freezing Packaging And Fertilizing Capacity. Master Of Veterinary Sciences, Thesis, Swedish University Of Agricultural Science, Uppsala
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