Dr. Karanja D Njuguna Publications
12015Survey Of Health Status Of Domestic Rabbits In Selected Organized Farms In Kenya
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22015Prevalence And Clinico-pathological Manifestations Of Avian Leukosis In Chicken In Nairobi And Surroundings
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32014Diffuse Peritonitis Associated With Ventral Hernia In An Adult Doe: A Case Report
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42014Fatal Obstructive Urolithiasis In A 5 Month Old Buck: A Case Report
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52014Clinical, Pathological And Molecular Investigations Of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus Infection In Goats From Turkana County In Kenya
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62014Etiology And Predisposing Factors Of Diseases Of Domestic Rabbits From Selected Areas In Kenya
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72013Systemic Porcine Salmonellosis: A Potential Zoonosis And Cause Of Mortality In Small-holder Pig Farm In Kenya
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82012Outbreak Of Neurological Disorder Associated With Streptococcus Suis In A Pig Multiplication Unit In Kenya
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92011Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Due To Babesiosis In A Dog: Case Report
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102011Clinical, Hematological, Biochemical And Pathological Manifestations Of Subacute Toxicity Due To Nicadra Physaloides (L) Gaertn In Calves
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112011Cases Of Poisoning Encountered Naturally In Smallholder Farms In Nairobi And Its Environs
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122010Karanja D N. Etiology, Epidemiology, Clinical And Pathological Presentations Of Edema Disease And Edema Disease-like Syndromes Of Pigs In Kenya.
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132008Nganga J C, Karanja D N And Mutune M N. The Prevalence Of Gastrointestinal Helminth Infections In Pigs In Kenya.
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142008The Sensitivity And Specificity Of Clinical Signs, Post-mortem Findings And Isolation Of Escherichia Coli In Diagnosing Edema Disease Of Swine.
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152007Gakuya D W, Nganga J C, Karanja D N, Wabacha J K And Mutune M N. Multiple Anthelmintic Resistance On Sheep Farm In Kenya And Its Implications For Helminth Control.
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162006Postweaning Diarrhea, Meningitis And Infertility Are Emerging Threats To Pig Industry In Kenya
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172005Karanja D N, Yeboah R K, Yokoyama N And Igarashi I. Alternative Laboratory Methods For Diagnosis Of Babesia Carrier Animals
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182004Gastrointestinal Diseases Causing Pig Mortality In Kenya – A Ten Year Retrospective Study.
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192002Edema Disease Of Swine: A Major Disease Problem In Kenya. .
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201994Obstructive Urolithiasis In A Herd Of Pigs In Kenya.
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211994The Role Of Donkeys In Trypanosoma Congolense Infections.
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221993Common Gastrointestinal Parasites In Donkeys In Kenya.
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231992Clinical And Pathological Observations In Kenyan Donkeys Experimentally Infected With Trypanosoma Congolense
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