Dr. Gerald Mwangi Muchemi Publications
12012Seroprevalence Of Foot And Mouth Disease In The Somali Eco-System In Kenya
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22011A Survey Of Schistosoma Bovis In Cattle In Kwale District Kenya
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32011Sparganosis In Non-human Primates
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42009A Survey Of Bovine Cysticercosis/human Taeniosis In Northern Turkana District, Kenya
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52006Gastrointestinal Parasites Of Free - Ranging Colobus Monkeys ( Colobus Angolensis Palliatus ) In Kwale District, Kenya Coast
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62005Origin And Diversification Of The Human Parasite Schistosoma Mansoni. Molecular Ecology (2005) 14:3889 - 3902.
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72003Mungai, B.N., Agola, E.L., Morgan, J.A.T, DeJong, R.J., Karanja, D.M.S., Muchemi, G.M., Loker, E.S. And Mkoji, G.M. 2003. Schistosoma Rodhaini In Kenya Revisited. Abstract Presented At The Biodiversity Of African Freshwater Snails
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82003Mungai, B.N., Njagi, E.M.N., Muli, F.W., Agola, E.L., Morgan, J.A.T, DeJong, R.J., Karanja, D.M.S, Muchemi, G.M., Loker, E.S. And Mkoji, G.M. 2003. The Presence Of Schistosoma Rodhaini In Western Kenya, And Its Implication On The Epidemiology Of Schistoso
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91998Schistosoma Mansoni Ova In Urine Of Children From An Endemic Area Of Kenya: A Short Report East African Medical Journal 1998 Sept 75(9): 558-559.
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101998The Development Of Schistosomiasis Mansoni In An Immulogically Na
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111998Helminth And Protozoan Gastrointestinal Tract Parasites In Captive And Wild-trapped African Non-human Primates, Veterinary Parasitology, 78:195-201.
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121998Periportal Fibosis Of The Liver Due To Natural Or Experimental Infection With Schistosoma Mansoni Occurs In The Kenyan Baboon. Annals Of Tropical Medicine And Parasitology, 92 (2): 187-195
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131997Sparganosis In Non-human Primates. Onderstepoort Journal Of Veterinary Research 64:243-244.
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141996Jaoko W.G. Muchemi G., Oguya F.O. 1996 Praziquantel Side Effects During Treatment Of Schistosoma Mansoni Infected Pupils In Kibwezi, Kenya. East African Medical Journal. 1996 Aug; 73 (8): 499-501
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151994Muchemi, G.K.M. (1994), Reservoirs Of Schistosomiasis In Kenya With Specific Reference To Baboons. Proceedings Of The Symposium On Epidemiology And Control Of Schistosomiasis, KEMRI./JICA, October 1994, Nairobi, Kenya
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161992Muchemi, G.K.M. (1992) Baboons As Maintenance Hosts Of Human Schistosomiasis In Kenya. Ph. D. Thesis University Of Liverpool, U.K
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171990Muchemi, G. (1990), Monkeys Suffer From Bilharzia Too. Swara (East African Wildlife Society) 13 (3):23
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181990Survival Of The Species.
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191989Muchemi G., (1989). The Use Of Wild Carnivores And Wild Antelopes In The Study Of Taeniasis And Cysticercosis. Proceeding Of The First East African Conference On Laboratory Animal Science, November, 1989, Nairobi, Kenya
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201989Eley, R.M. Strum, S.C., Muchemi, G. And Reid, G.D.F. 1989. Nutrition, Body Condition, Activity Patterns And Parasitism Of Free-ranging Troops Of Olive Baboons (Papio Anubis) In Kenya. American Journal Of Primatology 18:209-219
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211987Binhazim, A.A., Githure, J.I., Muchemi G.K. And Reid, G.D.F. 1987. Isolation Of Leishmania Major From A Naturally Infected Vervet Monkey (Cercopithecus Aethiops) Caught In Kiambu District, Kenya. Journal Of Parasitology 73 (6): 1278-1279
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221986Eley, R.M., Strum S. And Muchemi, G. 1986. Nutritional Effects Upon Physical Condition Of Three Free-ranging Troops Of Baboons In Gilgil, Kenya. Primate Report 14:136
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231985Harrison L.J.S., Muchemi, G.K.M. And Sewel, M.M.H.1985. Attempted Infection Of Calves With Cysticerci Of Taenia Crocutae And Their Subsequent Serological Response. Research In Veterinary Science 38:383-385
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241984Allsopp, B.A. MacPherson, C.N.L., Jones, A. And Muchemi, G.K. 1984. Techniques For The Identification Of Gastrointestinal Helminths Obtained From Carnivores In Kenya. Proceedings Of The KEMRI/KETRI Conference. Feb 1984. Nairobi, Kenya
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251982Muchemi G.K.M. (1982). A Study Of Muscle Cysticercosis In Wild Animals Of Kenya. MSc Thesis University Of Guelph, Ontario Canada
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261982Stevenson, P., Muchemi G. And Karstad, L. 1982 Taenia Saginata Infection In East African Antelopes. Veterinary Record 111:322
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