Prof. Kiptoon Japheth C Publications
11994Buoro I.B.J., Nyamwange S.B. And Kiptoon J.C. (1994):
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21994Presence Of Ehrlichia-like Bodies In Monocytes Of An Adult Lioness.
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31993Munyua S.J. M., R.G. Wahome, B.M. Mitaru, G.J.O. Agumbah And Kiptoon J.C. (1993).
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41992Buoro I.B.J., Nyamwange S.B., Ihiga M.K. And Kiptoon J.C. (1992): The Seasonal And Annual Distribution Of Canine Ehrlichiosis And Bebesiosis In The Tropical Environment Of Kabete Kenya
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51992Reproductive Performance And Wastage In Small Scale Piggeries In Kenya
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61991Mbithi P.M.F., Mbiuki S.M. And Kiptoon J.C. (1991): Clinical And Experimental Evaluation Of The Healing Of Autologous Free Full-thickness Skin Grafted On Untreated Skin Wounds In Distal Limbs Of Cattle. Bull. Anim. Hlth. Prod. Afr. Vol.39 P.289-291.
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71990Munyua S.J.M. Munene J.N. Karitu P.T., Kimoro C., Kiptoon J.C. And Buoro I.B.J. 1990)
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81989Mulei C.M. Rege J.E.O. And Kiptoon J.C. (1989):
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91989Ngatia T.A. And Kiptoon J.C. *(1989):
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101989NgatiaT.A. And Kiptoon, J.C. (1989):
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111989A Survey Of The Common Causes Of Death In Goats Around Kabete Area Of Kenya
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121989Some Aetiological And Epidemiological Observations Of Infectious Keratoconjuctivitis In The Bovine In Kabete Area Of Kiambu District, Kenya.
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131988Ngatia T.A., Kiptoon J.C., Njiro S.M. And Kuria J.K.N. (1988). Some Rabbit Diseases Around Kabete Area Of Kenya: A Review Of Postmortem Cases; Bull. Anim. Hlth. Prod. Afri. Vol.36 P.243-244.
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141986Kiptoon J. C.:
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151985Kiptoon J.C., Masha J.B. And Maribei J.M. (1985): A Survey Of The Incidence Of Salmonella And Coliform Enteritis In Cattle In Kabete Area Of Kiambu District Of Kenya (1977-82). Bull Anim. Hlth & Prod. Afr. Vol.33 P.101-105.
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161985Kiptoon J.C. And Muraguri J.M. (1985): A Survey Of The Bacterial Agents Associated With Acute Enteritis In Adult Cattle In Kabete. Kenya. Kenya Veterinarian Vol. 8 P.7-8.
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171984Kiptoon J.C., Mugera G.M. And Karitu P.T. (1984):
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181984Kiptoon J.C.: Prevention Of Calf Pneumonia And Associated Respiratory Conditions.April 1984. Paper Presented To The Scientific Meeting Of The Kenya Veterinarian Association, ILRAD, Kabete, Kenya.
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191984Serum Enzyme Activities In Experimental Ondiri Disease
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201983Kiptoon J.C. And Mugera G.M. (1983): Bovine Petechial Fever
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211982Mugera G.M. Kiptoon J.C. And Waiyaki P.G. (1982): Studies On The Toxicity Of Gndia Latifolia (Meisn) In Cattle. Bull Anim. Hlth. & Prod. Afr. Vol.30.250-257.
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221982Mbiuki S.M. And Kiptoon J.C. (1982): Fibrosarcoma In An Avrshire Heifer
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231982Kiptoon J.C., Waiyaki P.G. And Mugera G.M. (1982): Haematological And Biochemical Changes In Cattle Poisoned By Gnidia Latifolia (Meisn): Toxicology Journ. Vol.125 P.129-139.
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241982Waiyaki P.G., Kiptoon J.C. And Mugera G.M. (1982): Gnidia Latifolia (Meisn) Toxicity In Rats. The Kenya Veterinarian Vol.6 P.10-14.
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251981Kiptoon J.C. (1981), Masha J.B., Shatry And Wolff W.A. (1983). The Clinical Signs Of East Coast Fever. (Bovine Theileria Parva Infection)
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261981The Clinical Signs Of East Coast Fever. (Bovine Theileria Parva Infection)
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271979Bovine Borreliosis In Kenya: Borrelia Theileri Associated With Bovine Anaemia
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281978Mutiga E.R., Kiptoon J.C. And Masha J.B. (1978): Puerperal Disease Of Dairy Cattle In Kenya; Med. Vet. Pract. Vol.59.p.45-46
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291978Mugera G.M. And Kiptoon J.C. (1978); Some Observations Of The Morphology And Infection Of The Agent Of Bivine Petechial Fever 1: Bull. Anim. Hlth And Prod. In Africa Vol.26.p99-105
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301977Kiptoon J.C. Mugera G.M. And Lutu W.Z. (1977): Studies On The Pathogenesis Of Bovine Petechial Fever (
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311970Kiptoon J.C. Maribei J.M. Kamau, L.J.W. And Thuo P. (1970).
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