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2014 Academic Year

Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics

Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
An Assessment Of Transmission Of International Prices Into Rwanda's Rice Market Nobert Tuyishime 2014 View Details

Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection

2014 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
An Assessment Of The Banana Supply Chain In South Imenti, Meru County, Kenya Muchai D. Mutwiri 2014 View Details
Combining Ability, Heterotic Grouping Of Early Generation Lines And Yield Stability Of Drought Tolerant Maize Hybrids. Titus Kiplimo Kosgei 2014 View Details
Effects Of Fertilizer Application And Pinching On The Yield Of Grain Amaranth. Josephene H. Love 2014 View Details
Effects Of Genotype And Soil Fertility On Yield And Nutritional Contents Of Finger Millet. Oliver Nyongesa Wekesa 2014 View Details
Green Gram Population And Arrangement Effect On Striga Hermonthica Parasitism Under Intercropping With Zea Mays Kirirah Florah K. 2014 View Details
Management Of Bacterial Wilt Of Tomato By Use Of Resistant Rootstock Jared Nyakundi Onduso 2014 View Details
Management Of Root- Knot Nematodes And Fusarium Wilt Of Tomato By Pre-treatment Of Seedlings With Chemical And Biological Agents Hannah Wanja Njoroge 2014 View Details
Phenotypic Characterization Of Kenyan And South African Spider Plant (cleome Gynandra L.) Ecotypes Daniel Omondi Wasonga 2014 View Details
Prevalence Of Fusarium And Aspergillus Species In Maize Grain From Kitui, Machakos And Meru And Use Of Near Infra-red Light Sorting To Remove Fumonisins And Aflatoxin Contaminated Grain In Kenya Murithi Mutuma Eliphus 2014 View Details
Quality Status Of Farm Saved Bean Seed In Maragua Subcounty And Management Of Seed-borne Diseases By Seed Treatment Muthii Thomas Kariuk 2014 View Details
Use Of Eco-friendly Strategies In Suppression Of Root-knot Nematodes In French Bean ( P H A S E O L U S V U L G A R I S ) In Kenya Erick Ogumo 2014 View Details
Use Of Mulches To Manage Spider Mites And Whiteflies In Open Field And Greenhouse Tomatoes. Ester Njeri Kihoro 2014 View Details
Adaptation Of Andean Dry Bean (phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Genotypes To Drought Stress Kabutbei Jepngetich 2014 View Details
Occurrence Of F U S A R I U M Head Blight, Associated Mycotoxins And Resistance Of Wheat Germplasm Oliver Otieno Okumu 2014 View Details
Assessment Of Soil Health Using Nematode Assemblage And Soil Characteristics In Vertisols, Cambisols And Arenosols Of Kenya Andrew Kariuki Thuo 2014 View Details
Characterization Of Maize Doubled Haploid And Varietal Hybrids Under Low-nitrogen And Drought Stress Condition. Damaris Wanjiru Mwangi: 2014 View Details
Breeding Maize For Early Maturity And Drought Tolerance In Kenya Using Anthesis To Silking Interval. Juma Ongeti 2014 View Details
Marker Assisted Breeding To Transfer Striga Resistance In Sorgum From A Mapped Donor Source N13 To A Farmer Preferred Kenyan Variety Ochuti. Jackyline A. W. Ngugi. 2014 View Details
Marker Assisted Gamete Selection For Multiple Disease Resistance In Andea Of Colletotricum Lindemuthianum In Kenya Annastacia Saumu Musyimi 2014 View Details
Marker Assisted Gamete Selection For Multiple Disease Resistance In Mesoamerican Bean Genotypes And Race Typing Of Angular Leaf Spot Pathogen In Kenya Samuel Mwangi Njuguna 2014 View Details
Occurrence Of Aflatoxin Contamination On Maize In The Lower Eastern Kenya And Evaluation Of Superabsorbent Polymers In Its Management Livine Osiemo Nyakundi 2014 View Details
Potential Of Potassium Salts Of Fatty Acids And Integrated Pest Management Strategies In The Management Of Snap Bean Pests Geoffrey Ongoya Wafula 2014 View Details
Reaction Of French Bean Cultivars To Root-knot Nematodes And Control Of The Nematodes Using A New Nematicide(bcs-ar83685) Diana Kainyu Gitonga 2014 View Details
Reaction Of Maize Germplasm To Common Foliar Diseases And Variability Of Maize Streak Virus Isolates. Charles Alice Kainyu 2014 View Details
Response Of Soybean To Application Of Inorganic Fertilizers, Cattle Manure, And Lime In Western Kenya. Wafula Evans Wanyama 2014 View Details
Selection For Drought Tolerance, Disease Resistance, Canning And Nutritional Quality In Dry Beans (phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Ahmed Omar Warsame 2014 View Details
Evaluation Of Sugar-based Feeding Stimulants Effects On Imidacloprid, Commonly Used To Control Thrips In Chillies. Patrick Koome Mbaabu 2014 View Details

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Clinical Studies

2014 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Aflatoxicosis In Dogs In Nairobi And Nakuru Counties: A Retrospective Study Bhangu Ishveer Singh 2014 View Details
A Retrospective Study On The Effect Of Seasonality On Milk Production In A Large Scale Farm In Kiambu County Mutua Jones M. 2014 View Details
Calf Mortality In A Beef Ranch In Kenya Muveta F. 2014 View Details
An Investigation On The Major Causes Ofcalf Mortality At A Dairy Farm In Kabete Area Mwangi Alice Wambui 2014 View Details
A Retrospective Study On Brucellosis In Ruminants Of Baringo County, Kenya. Tarus E. 2014 View Details

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