Performance Contracting Award Ceremony

The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Services recorded very good performance in the just concluded Performance Contracting awards held on Friday 29th January 2021 at Taifa Hall. The University of Nairobi adopted PC in 2005/2006; to date, the University continues to use it as a tool to measure performance at all core levels. Read more about the event

Here is a breakdown of how the College performed in the various categories:

The College emerged position 4 out of 6 in the College Category. Under the Teaching Schools and Faculties with Departments category;   the Faculty of Agriculture ranked position 2 and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine position 13. The Wangari Maathai institute ranked position 10 under the Institutes and Centres category. The College also recorded very good performance in the Teaching Departments category, out of 66 listed Departments; the Department Of Agricultural Economics emerged position 4, followed by Department Of Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology at position 7, closely followed by Department Of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology at position 8 and the Department of Plant Science and Crop protection at position 14.