Prof. Buoro Ibrahim B J Publications
11996Variation In Protein Concentrations In Acute And Chronic Ascites In Dirofilaria Immitis-infected Dogs.
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21993Buoro, I.B.J., Mande, J.D. And Nyamwange, S.B. (1993). Isolation Of Nocardia Asteroids From A Dog With Harmorrhagic Cystitis. Journal Of Small Animal Practice. 34: 99-102.
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31993Buoro, I.B.J. (1993). Pox-like Virus Particles In Skin Lesions Of 5 Nile Crocodiles In Kenya. Discovery And Innovation 3: 117-118.
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41992Buoro, I.B.J., Atwell, R.B. And Tummy. T. (1992). Plasma Levels Of Renin And Aldosterone In Right Sided Congestive Heart Failure Due To Dirofilariasis. Canine Practice 17: 21-24.
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51991Gathumbi, P.K., Waruiru, R.M. And Buoro, I.B.J., (1991). A Case Of Feline Aelurostrongylus Abstructus Infection In Kenya. Bulletin Animal Health And Production In Africa 39:361-363.
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61990Munyua S.J.M., Njenga, M.J., Karitu T.P., Kimoro, C. Kiptoon J.C. And Buoro, I.B.J. (1990). A Note On Clinical-pathological Findigs And Serum Enzyme Activity In Sheep, Goats And Friesian Calves With Acute Lantana Camara Poisoning. Bulletin Animal Health A
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71990Wandera, J.G., Kamau, J.A., Ngatia, T.A., Buoro, I.B.J And Price, J.E. (1990).Haemangiosarcoma In Dogs: Morphological Land Clinical Findings. Bulleti Animal Health And Production In Africa 38: 301-308.
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81990Buoro, I.B.J., Kanui, T., Atwell, R.B. Njenga, K.M. And Gathumbi, P.K. (1990).Polymyositis Associated With Chrlichia Canis Infection In 2 Dogs. Journal Of Small Animal Practice 31:624-627.
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91990Effectiveness Of Fluids And Antibiotics As Supportive Therapy Of Canine Parvovirus 2 Enteritis In Puppies.
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101989Buoro, I.B.J., Atwell, R.B., Kiptoon, J.C. And Ihiga, M.A. (1989). Feline Anaemia Associated With Ehrlichia-like Bodies In Three Domestic Short-haired Cats. Veterinary Record 125: 4340-436.
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111989Bwangamoii, O. Buoro, I.B.J., Proce, J.E., D
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121988Caval Syndrome 
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131987Atwell, R.B. And Buoro, I.B.J. (1987). Canine Caval Syndrome, In Canine Dirofilariasis. C.R.C., Press. New York.
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141986Atwell R.B., Sutton, R.H. And Buoro, I.B.J. (1986). Early Pulmonary Lesions Caused By Dead Dirofilaria Immitis In Dogs Exposed To Homologous Antigens. British Journal Of Experimental Pathology 67: 395-405.
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151985Atwell R.B., Buoro, I.B.J. And Sutton, R.H. (1985). Experimental Production Of Canine Pulmonary End Arterial Pathology Similar To That Produced By Dirofilaria Immitis. Veterinary Record 116:239-251.
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161985Atwell R.B. And Buoro, I.B.J. (1985). Experimental Caval Sydrome. Australian VeterinaryPractitioner 15:120
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171984Atwell R.B. And Buoro, I.B.J. (1984). Development Of A Model Of Caval Syndrome In The Dog Infected By Dirofilaria Immitis. AustralianVeterinaryJournal 62: 29-30.
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181983Atwell, R.B. And Buoro I.B.J. (1983): Clinical Presentation Of Canine Dirofilariasis With Relation To Their Haematological And Mocrifilarial Status. Research In Veterinary Science 35:364-366.
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191983Buoro, I.B.J., Atwell R.B. And Heath, T. (1983). The Angles Of Branching And The Diameters Of Pulmonary Arteries In Relation To The Distribution Of Pulmonary Lesions In Canine Dirofilariasis. Research In Veterinary Science. 35:353-356.
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201983Buoro, I.B.J. And Atwell R.B. (1983). Intravascular Haemolytic Sydrome In Dogs.Veterinary Record 112:273-274.
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211983Buoro, I.B.J. And Atwell R.B. (1983). Heartworm Diagnostic Kit. Australian Veterinary Journal 13: 134.
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221982Buoro, I.B.J. And Atwell R.b. (1982). Urinalysis In Canine Dirofiliaris With Emphasis On Proteinuria. Veterinary Record 111: 252-252.
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