Principal's Message

Prof. Rose Nyikal

Prof. Rose Nyikal

One of the key objectives of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences is to facilitate the Agriculture sector to realize its full potential to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods in Kenya and the region through the well designed and diverse degree programs and research programs. The college continuously realigns its activities to respond to the national, regional and global demands and challenges.

Through the research efforts, the college has over time become 'developmental college', working directly in or with the communities in developmental agricultural projects. This has resulted in training programs where students receive an education with a strong practical orientation. The college has adequate computers and internet access which has facilitated access to e-learning resources.

The new breed of graduates/practitioners is able to work hand in hand with rural communities and national or international institutions simultaneously while taking advantage of emerging global or regional trends to improve rural livelihoods. To achieve this, the College had to recast its vision, mission, core values and objectives. The students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities within and outside the campus. The college location and farms provide a conducive learning environment for both local and international students.

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